Fushikino - an authentic blend of kaiseiki cuisine andsake pairing.

“Fushikino” was a word often used in the 15th century by Sennorikyu, who had profound influence on “chanoyu”, the Japanese "Way of Tea". The word “fushikino” corresponds with other Japanese words such as “fushigi” (miracle) or “fushiki” (innocent) which are used in the teachings of Japanese Zen. If it were translated into a modern term, it would mean “something unexpected” or “something new”. At Fushikino, we aim for the perfect combination between kaiseki cuisine, sake, and ceramic cups. Choosing this name deeply linked to Sennorikyu for the restaurant helps us learn from the chanoyu culture. Furthermore, we sincerely hope to serve you a pleasant and unexpected experience from food to sake as you have never had before.







Kagurazaka-tsunasho terrace 2nd floor
4-3-11 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo
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(Reservation system, Last entry at 9:30p.m.)
(Closed: Sundays, Irregular holidays)

Tasting the seasons from our cuisine.

Our main chef, Yoshinori Aramaki, comes from a very traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto that has been in operation for over 90 years. You can enjoy the specially selected seasonal ingredients throughout the course for both the usual four seasons and the twelve traditional Japanese seasons. For example, early spring is referred to as “kisaragi”, mid-spring is “yayoi”, and late spring is “uzuki”. Likewise, the other traditional seasons are broken up into three parts. For each of the twelve seasons only perfect ingredients are sampled. After enjoying the food and sake pairing there will be a tea service where you can enjoy homemade sweets with matcha green tea. Please enjoy our Japanese kaiseki cuisine in its native Kyoto style. Every season, we are constantly developing new ways to bring the most authentic Japanese dining experience for you to enjoy.


The original and ultimate sakepairing and tea pairing.

Our sake sommelier, Yusuke Miyashita, pairs specially selected sake from all over the country to match the seasonal food. We serve the sake either cold or warm depending on its paired dish, and then to top it off we decorate the sake with traditional Japanese flowers. Our popular examples include the “shobu-zake” (where a flower known as shobu is soaked in the sake) and “kiku-zake” (which has a chrysanthemum floating in the cup). We also offer green tea as well as other teas from around the country to make for a perfect tea pairing.


A comprehensive mixture of Japanese cultural experienceswith traditional ceramics.

Our restaurant has a gallery that displays and sells the works of more than 50 ceramic artists, lacquer artists, and glass artists from all over Japan. Many of these cups and dishes are actually used throughout our cuisine. The food and sake all becomes a part of the ceramic artwork and makes for a complete, one-of-a-kind experience. Please enjoy the ultimate Japanese cultural experience with the combination of seasonal food, special sake, matcha green tea, and traditional Japanese crafts.